Beigler, MD, David
Benson, MD, Leon S.
Chehab, MD, Eric L.
Chen, MD, Lan
Dunlap, MD, Bradley
Erulkar, MD, Jonathan
Gray, MD, Robert
Haddad, MD, Steven
Koh, MD, Jason
Lesko, MD, Gina
Lettvin, MD, Charles L.
Levitz, MD, Seth
Mikhael, MD, Mark M.
O'Rourke, MD, Michael
Phillips, MD, Craig
Portland, MD, Gregory
Ptaszek, MD, Amy Jo
Shapiro, MD, Gary S.
Sherman, MD, Richard S.
Skjong, MD, Christian
Stamos, MD, Van
Sutphen, MD, Sean
Waxman, MD, Bryan C.
Weatherford, MD, Brian
Williams, MD, Craig

Ravine Way Surgery Center is proud to work with some of the most skilled physicians in the Chicagoland area. All physicians who practice in the Center undergo an extensive credentialing process designed to ensure that our patients are receiving the highest standard of care. Each orthopaedic surgeon is Board Certified by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, and our Pain Management Specialists are likewise Board Certified.

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Surgeons interested in utilizing RWSC facilities, may call our Medical Director at (847) 832-1555 to inquire.